Debts that do not appear in the loan history

Debts that do not appear in the credit history

More than half of Mexicans (64.7%) say they know their credit history and have good references in the Credit Bureau, according to a survey conducted by service comparator and market research company Brad.Feebbo in 2017 .

Debts that do not appear in the credit history

The two entities that evaluate the credit history in our country are the Credit Bureau and the Credit Circle: both concentrate the information about the payment behavior of people with credit cards as well as users of loans and other types of credits.

However, there are certain debts or financial behaviors that are not recorded or affect the credit history. Take note if you are in any of these cases:

Debts that do not appear in the credit history

Payroll credits

# 1 Payroll credits

It refers to the loans that are granted exclusively by your work, which are deducted via payroll, and which are supported by the company where you work, which does not function as a credit institution and therefore has no relationship with the Credit Bureau. .

Loans granted by pawnshops:

# 2 Loans granted by pawnshops:

Pawn shops do not function as a financial institution of credit, so these types of loans are handled and regulated differently.

Debts with family or friends:

As individuals, lenders do not have any kind of relationship or agreement with the Credit Bureau, so this type of information will not appear in your credit history.

Transit fines

# 4 Transit fines:

The payment of the fines depends on each entity of the Republic and generally the payment of the debt is a requirement when carrying out the verification of the vehicle, the sanction for it is often paying a greater amount for the infractions that are had.

Remember that having a good credit history helps you open better financial opportunities in the medium and long term, however having debts that do not appear in the record is also an important commitment to attend, in any case, if you do not pay on time almost you will always end up paying more, either in surcharges, fines or else, the relationship with your lender will be affected.

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