Do you need to negotiate debts? Are you up to your debts and need to negotiate?

If you are having problems to pay the debt you have with your bank. Surely, you wonder what happens if I owe money to the bank or if I receive a subpoena for my debts. Do not worry! In this post today, we are going to give you 7 steps to follow so you can negotiate your debt with the bank .

  1. Ask for the CIRBE report

Ask the bank to get you this report to see reflected all your operations and the exact situation of your account. The more aware you are, the better you can negotiate your debts .

  1. Check if you are on the list of defaulters

It is very important that you know if you are on the list of defaulters to be able to decide how much money you can be seized and study your case better.

  1. Study the status of your payments

It is recommended that you be 100% aware of what your situation is with the bank’s debt . In this way, you will be in a better position to negotiate with the bank .

  1. Gather approximately 30% of your outstanding debt

    Gather approximately 30% of your outstanding debt

Now that you know how much money you can get, try to collect 30% of the debt you have pending to renegotiate it.

  1. Do not give more information than necessary

When you sit down to negotiate with your bank about the renegotiation of the debt, do not forget that they are not your friends, so do not give more information than strictly necessary. They probably use it against you.

  1. Negotiate the conditions in writing

Another very important point is that the conditions are put in writing, since the validity of a verbal contract is null. So if you are negotiating your debt, you must make sure everything is in writing.

  1. Do not sign anything without talking to a lawyer

As in any other thing in life, consult an expert on these issues to help you and advise you, as it is a complicated issue and you should be informed. Go to a specialist lawyer to advise you in everything you can.


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