Purchase of real estate through a notary

The purchase of his house by a notary

Know that it is also possible to make the purchase of your house by a notary.
Indeed, some notary firms occasionally practice real estate trading .

As the activity is regulated, the notary must however hold a sales mandate from his client .

Why buy real estate by a notary?

real estate

If you decide to buy your home using the services of a notary, you will benefit from his expanded skills and his perfect knowledge of the local market.

In addition, a notary office knows the prices generally practiced in the sector where you are looking for your home.

Because it perfectly masters the regulations in force, the notary is able to provide you with sound advice on the best patrimonial and tax choices available to you and to help you access the property.

Remember that as a ministerial officer, the notary must respect a certain deontology and will be demanding in the transaction so that everything is carried out in the most perfect transparency.

One contact person for all stages of your real estate project

One contact person for all stages of your real estate project

If your purchase of your house is done by a notary, you will have only one interlocutor throughout the realization of your real estate project. From the search for good to the authentic deed of sale through the sales agreement.

Case of the life purchase

cash purchase

It is a real estate market still atypical in France and much less used than in the Anglo-Saxons. But the life purchase makes the role of the “ministerial officer” even more important, given the complexity of this type of acquisition.

If, in the case of a life annuity free the only point to be paid is to set the amount of the bouquet, it is not the same in the case of a life annuity.

We advise to consult a notary, even if you buy through a specialized real estate agency.

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